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I have always loved nature and marveled at the intricate interactions that holds nature’s fragile web together. Loving nature means I am also interested in conservation. The greatest conservator of all is nature and I am also interested in those natural processes that make it such a good conservator.

I enjoy photography. I have always been fascinated by the instantaneous nature of the medium, the way that in the time it takes for the shutter to make an exposure, a scene is recorded, an image is made. This instantaneity is compounded with digital photography – instant gratification of an instantaneous moment.

So it is natural that I should bring these two loves together.

Although I wouldn’t class myself as a conservation photographer (I’m not an activist), I am influenced by those photographers who see the beauty of nature and wish to use their skills to communicate what they see to the public at large.

I photograph firstly to satisfy my own inquisitiveness and my hope is that people viewing my photographs see something of the magic that I see.

The advantage with landscape photography is that mountains never complain, it is just me, the scene and the light. But there is no interaction. People are all different and the challenge is to work with them to show, not the best likeness of their physical appearance, but who they are, to photograph their identity.

Why profstoff? My background is in engineering and when I was studying for my degree, I was very scholarly. My wife thought I was like a professor so she coined the nickname profstoff, a portmanteau of Christopher and professor. Over the years it has stuck.

I have won awards with P and O cruises, including a Manager’s Choice and my work has been exhibited at the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens.

I am studying photography with the Open College of Arts.
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